Christy Reece


With world-weary cynicism, Jordan’s sleep deprived eyes roamed over the crowded ballroom. The young and not so innocent of Washington, D.C., society milled about, pretending to be all they could be and less than they were. They looked like kids. Or did he just feel so damned old? After the hell he’d just returned from, his twenty-nine years felt ancient and jaded.

A long swallow of his third Glenlivet on ice eased him, dimming the horrific memories of grown men screaming and body parts soaring through the air. He shouldn’t have come, but he couldn’t face the emptiness of his home. At least here, there were people and some kind of normalcy. The music wasn’t bad, the liquor was good, and the scenery downright delicious.

A vision in white caught his attention. Time suspended into endless moments of breathless anticipation as their eyes locked. A strong surge of lust swept through him, heating his blood and surprising the hell out of him. Immediate lust wasn’t his usual style. Long past the days of admiring a woman just for her beauty, he valued intelligence, a quick wit and honor even more.

So what made this woman different?

Gorgeous, yes. Above average height, maybe five-eight. Slender, but curved in just the right places. Shiny, lustrous mahogany hair pulled back into a sophisticated twist, framed a breathtakingly lovely face, worthy of a poet’s dreams. The severe hairstyle emphasized her high cheekbones, long, slender neck and gently sloping shoulders. Creamy skin gleamed under the bright chandelier lights, giving her an almost ethereal glow.

Elegance, sensuality and beauty combined into a mesmerizing temptation. His eyes riveted, Jordan made his way slowly toward her, almost afraid she’d disintegrate if he took his eyes off her or moved too fast.

Meeting him halfway, her gaze was so bold and smoldering, he briefly wondered if she was a hooker. These kinds of events usually drew several of the high dollar ladies. This woman definitely possessed the beauty for it and made no secret she only had eyes for him.

Drawing closer, he changed his mind. No. There was nothing jaded or worldly about her. She was an intriguing mixture of sensuality and freshness, scorching desire and excited wonder.

They were within inches of each other and the room sizzled with their combined heat. Though surrounded by hundreds of people, Jordan paid little attention to them, his eyes fixed on the beauty before him. His groin tightened and a surprising tempo set up in his chest. Damned if he’d ever felt such instantaneous attraction.

“I’ve been watching you,” Jordan murmured.

A cool smile lifted her full lips. “So I’ve noticed.”

“You’ve been watching me too.”



“I would imagine the same reason you’ve been staring at me.” Her confident tone and words washed over him like thick, warm honey, heating everything in its path.

“I’ve been staring at you because….”

She raised an elegant brow. “Because?”

“You remind me of someone.”

A tiny wrinkle developed on her smooth forehead as an odd expression flickered across her beautiful face. “Who?”

“A goddess.”

Startled, ocean blue eyes blinked up at him and he got the strange sensation that he knew her. “Have we met?”

She backed away slightly and shook her head. “No…I…no, we’ve not met.”

Grabbing her hand, he held it against his chest to keep her where she was. “You okay? You look a little pale.”


His hand played with soft, slender fingers pressed against his chest. “Would you like to go outside…get some fresh air?”


“Is ‘yes’ all you can say?”

Another smile lifted her perfect mouth. “Do you require more?”

Desire, hot and potent, pounded through him. “No, not at this time.” A sudden need to hold her in his arms had him growling, “Let’s dance first.” Ignoring her startled gasp, he drew her out onto the dance floor and wrapped his arms around her.

Jordan had been attracted to many women over the years, but none that had hit him as hard as this. His erection pressed against the zipper of his tuxedo trousers. The woman in his arms would soon feel that solid bulge against her. As they swayed to the music, he stared down at her. Would she draw away? His mind snarled no, but he wouldn’t try to keep her if he’d frightened her. If she didn’t want him, if this was just a light flirtation on her part, he would back away and say goodnight. To stay would be foolish because he would only try to change her mind.

Her eyes widened as she brushed up against him. There. She felt him. There was no mistaking the meaning. A slight flush darkened her face as a flicker of uncertainty entered her expression. Seconds later, passion flared, hot and intense, in the depths of her lovely eyes and Jordan hardened even more. Giving him her answer in a more direct way, she moved closer and pressed against him.

The relief was astonishing, the fierceness of his arousal staggering. He held her closer still, allowing himself the pleasure of having a beautiful woman in his arms. It had been too long…months since he’d held a woman or felt the hot pleasure of release inside a soft, giving body. The anticipation leading up to the culmination would only make it sweeter.

Her soft sigh washed over him as she nestled into his embrace. When she placed her head against his shoulder, it was all he could do not to lift her and fit himself against the warm, soft center of her sex. Muffled spurts of laughter and the distant sound of conversation barely penetrated the roar of lust and need in Jordan’s head. They’d almost completely stopped dancing, holding each other tight, their bodies rubbing and caressing to the rhythm of sensual music only they could hear.

A distant cessation of sound told him the music had momentarily stopped. The beauty in his arms pulled away from him and visibly shivered as if dragging herself down from their lustful cloud. Damned if he wanted to come down.

She peeked up at him through thick, dark lashes. “Are you from D.C.?”

Hell. She wanted to make small talk and all he wanted was her under him. Talk could come later, everything could come later except one thing. He wanted to ease himself inside her beautiful, lush body and forget reality for a few hours. “Shall we go somewhere else?”

Her head tilted back as her eyes searched his. Jordan hid nothing. She needed to see what he wanted. He needed to see if she felt the same way.

Small white teeth worried her luscious lower lip. Jordan held back a groan, wanting to sweep down and join his mouth to hers, bite gently on that plump lip that glistened with moisture. When she whispered, “Yes,” he almost shuddered with relief.

Taking her hand, he led her through the crowded ballroom, unknowing and uncaring of the people surrounding them. Many of them he knew, but none of them mattered at the moment. The only person he cared about right now trembled with desire beside him. He had to find a place to ease both of them and soon.

She stopped suddenly, tugging loose of his hand. “Where are we going?”

“My house.”


His heart thundered. Had she changed her mind? “Why?”

He was surprised at the quick look of unease that flashed across her expressive face. Was she reconsidering? Had he rushed her? Dammit. She’d seemed just as anxious as he had.



Her eyes flickered strangely and then, surprising him, she reached up and kissed him softly on the cheek. “Okay.”

At her whispered answer, relief made him careless, reckless. He grabbed her hand again. “This way.”

She followed him down a flight of stairs, then out the door.


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